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A variety of medicinal plants have been a source of healing in local communities around the world for thousands of years. It is still used as a primary health care method for 85% of the world’s population. Also, these plants are a source for drug discovery and most of all synthetic drugs originate from them. Since medicinal plants are natural products, they will be free of side effects, relatively safe, environmentally friendly and available.
Advantages of herbal medicines over chemical medicines Medicines made from various medicinal plants have many advantages over chemical medicines.
Perhaps one of the reasons for the popularity of these drugs these days is these advantages. The most important advantages of herbal medicines over chemical ones are as follows:
1) Most herbal medicines are much less toxic.
2) In addition to reducing toxicity, the nature of interaction in plant compounds may lead to higher medicinal effects. However, it should be noted that not all herbal medicines are safe and should be used with the correct prescription.
3) They are usually cheap.
4) Herbal medicines respond well to pathogens resistant to chemical medicines.
5) Some diseases may not be treatable with today’s chemical drugs. The therapeutic effects of a large number of herbal medicines on such diseases may still be unknown.
6) Herbal medicines bring economic value and expand business opportunities.

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