Noozdah Giyah Gohar Cheshmeh

Noozdah Giyah Gohar Cheshmeh Khorshid company, with a new approach in the greenhouse industry
Cultivation of medicinal plants, sale of seeds, transplants, dry products, essential oils and
extracts; And also experienced experts are at the service of dear customers

Herbal Extracts


Medicinal plants


Herbal Oils


Oily extracts


Essential Oils



The motto of our company is expertise and commitment

Noozdah Giyah company with a brilliant history, along with
professional experts ready to serve
dear fellow customers

Noozdah Giyah online shop, diversity in goods and equipment

Our store welcomes you with a wide range of items and equipment needed to build a greenhouse, as well as all kinds of agricultural inputs, including seeds, seedlings, etc., at the most suitable price and the best quality
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Experience expertise and commitment with us

Our company with more than two hundreds successful projects all over Iran is ready to serve


With more than ten years of brilliant experience
in building and selling greenhouse equipment


Experienced and professional experts

Honesty and commitment

Our professional experts take care of your investment


Quality assurance of products and services

Leave the construction of your greenhouse to us

Our company; With more than ten years of experience and implementation of many successful projects, it is ready to provide services to dear fellow citizens for consulting, designing and building all kinds of greenhouses
  • Services

    After delivering the greenhouse; You can still count on our consulting services

  • Implementation of the plan

    In case of agreement on the initial design, it is time to build the design

  • Initial Plan

    After assessing the needs, our colleagues will provide you with a preliminary design

  • Assessment

    Our expert experts suggest the best type of structure according to your needs


Atlas, F1 and Mary Washington


Seedlings and Seeds

Design and Sell

Just call us to start designing your farm

Are you looking to build an asparagus farm? Leave it to us!

Our company, specialist in the construction of asparagus farms, with professional and experienced experts


Atlas F1, Iranian Mary Washington, Mary Washington F1

Asparagus farm construction advice

Our professional experts will be with you in the construction and implementation of the asparagus farm

Commitment and guarantee

Get services from us without worry; Quality assurance of products and services

Our company at a glance

We have put expertise, commitment and honesty at the top of our work

The basis of our relationships is honesty and truth with customers


We will be with you from 0 to 100 and even beyond


With more than thirty experts across the country, we plan your projects in a modern and optimal way

Customer Satisfaction

The amount of satisfactory feedback from our customers over the past ten years

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About Us

A company, with a new approach in the greenhouse industry


Mazandaran, Sari, Taleghani Blvd., Mahyar St